Qais Al Rawi & Sons Co. provides a full series of mixing and manufacturing oils and other products at the Company factory in the City of Zarqa’-which is located in a strategic area of the land transport network. Meanwhile, the Company retains the basic objective in terms of meeting the international professional standards and providing sophisticated technological services based on the expertise of highly efficient and widely-experienced engineers. This is intended to obtain products used for all types of engines operated both by gasoline and diesel, gear units, pressure equipment, generators, hydraulic systems, mechanical equipment, transport machinery, pumps, and lubrication systems.

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The factory was established narrator for mixing lubricating oil in the free zone in the city of Zarqa in 2009 and is the most sophisticated in the world, and are manufactured in a full range and variety of lubricating oils to achieve the highest levels of international standards and specifications in the production of oils, lubricants high-quality.


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