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Company Profile


Qais Al Rawi & Sons Company is one of the pioneers in the field of lubrication oils in the Arab Republic of Iraq since 1997, and the distribution center of such oils is located in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. The Company has a wide spectrum of customers and consumers by virtue of the unique services which it provides within the lubrication sector since foundation. Besides, the Company is well-known for meeting customers’ needs immediately and efficiently. The head office of Qais Al Rawi & Sons Company has been relocated to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – Amman since 2005.


In order to attain the Company's strategic objectives, and in view of the Company's intention to retain this excellence which the Company has realized in the region, Al Rawi Factory for Mixing Lubricant Oils has been founded in Zarqa.

 This Factory is the most advanced factory in the Middle East and is the most modern factory in terms of utilizing the ingenuity of German engineering and state-of-the-art technology, supported by Company's administrative planning and excellent marketing. In this factory, a full spectrum of different lubrication oils is produced according to the highest international standards and specifications in the field of producing high-quality oils and lubrication materials.

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The factory was established narrator for mixing lubricating oil in the free zone in the city of Zarqa in 2009 and is the most sophisticated in the world, and are manufactured in a full range and variety of lubricating oils to achieve the highest levels of international standards and specifications in the production of oils, lubricants high-quality.


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